Watch – Calling All Fathers

“Here’s my new song and video ‘Calling All Fathers.’ Read on to know the story behind why I wrote it.

I want to be the strong leader and father I’m called to be but the truth is, I don’t always love or lead my family the way I’m called to. Rather then pressing on, sometimes I give up when I fall down. I’m so driven by fear to succeed; I ignore what’s really important.

I lead by seeking God’s face, walking in humility, and serving. By truly knowing the heart of each of my family members. These are things I know, but many times I am disinterested, or would rather choose my own self interest.

I serve the God of 2nd chances (even 3rd & 4th…) and every time I’ve told my girls I’m sorry, and that I was wrong they have always forgiven me. It’s never too late for us to get back up and love our children well. I wrote this song to to remind and challenge me and every father to be the men God made us to be. ‪” -Todd Smith