Are you lying to yourself?


Are you lying to yourself?

We all have bad days. Days that we’d rather forget because we are unsatisfied or even ashamed of our own behavior. Sometimes our emotions, actions  and reactions shame us. Our bad mood causes us to lash out at people, or our rushing causes us to put someone else, or ourselves in danger, or our own insecurities cause us to be blind to the love that surrounds us. Whatever the case may be, our feelings are so strong they can no longer be silenced. We tell ourselves that we cannot hold them in, we’d be lying to ourselves. We cannot treat someone kindly when we are so obviously distressed or be considerate of other drivers when we’re in such a terrible rush.

The problem with these thoughts is that they are in-fact, the lie. The Word of God tells us what we are, who we are, how we react, how we treat others. Those inspired words are the TRUTH. When it says “love is kind” there is no side-note stating that as long as you’re having a good day, love is kind. When it says love is not self-seeking, there is no parenthetical that tells us (if you feel you’re entitled to more, go ahead and ignore this trait of love).

We have to start relying on the Word of God as the truth that we adhere to. Romans 3:4 “Let God be true and every man a liar.” This is such a strong verse and goes along perfectly with this topic. Our feelings are the liar, our habits are the liar, the Word of God is true.

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