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Lead well…


Lead well, the stakes are high. -Bill Hybels

Man cannot save himself


The cross is an ever present reminder that man is unable to save himself. -Samir Shomali (SermonQuotes fan)

Let purity be your principle in marriage


If you want God to be the chairman of your marriage let Purity be your principle in marriage. -Bisi Adewale Thank you Bisi for this insightful quote! Submit your own quotes or designs here:

Straighten my crown


Sometimes, on hard days, I hear a voice saying “no one cares, and no one’s coming”. Then I recognize that dark voice...and I straighten my crown.

Let us not love

Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and truth.

Watch-Who is NOT fit to lead?

Leaders may need to hear this message. LOVE that Ravi mentions how the word "leader" is mentioned hardly ever, while the word "servant" is mentioned hundreds.

Avoiding God


Avoiding God because you've made mistakes is like, avoiding a doctor because you got sick... you're running from  the exact person  you need. -David Alan Campbell

Love one another


You know that whole... love one another... I meant that. -God