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Faith in God

Faith in God includes faith in His timing. -Neal A Maxwell

Believing in miracles

Believing in miracles isn't so difficult once one comes to the realization that God created the entire universe. - Michael Mino

Even Jesus

Even Jesus needed to pray. -Mark Driscoll #prayLikeJesus

Time To Come Home – Christmas

This is a commercial, but its message moved me to tears. This Christmas, make sure your priorities are in line.

All the horrible things

All the horrible things going on in the world should inspire us to tell more people about Jesus, clearly He is needed. -David Alan Campbell

If we love God

If we love God and trust Him, there is no painful, unjust thing that can happen to us that God won’t work out for our good. -Joyce Meyer

Just because God

Just because God isn’t talking to you about the problem doesn’t mean He isn’t working on the answer. -Dharius Daniels

Odd how harsh times

Odd how harsh times recalibrate our gratitude. Small gifts are trash to spoiled brats but to the poor in spirit every trinket is solid gold. -Beth Moore

Heaven is not for good

Heaven is not for good people. Heaven is for forgiven people. - Todd Adkins