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Quote the Bible


It doesn't matter if you can quote the Bible, if you live like you've never opened it. -David Alan Campbell

God is a teacher


God is a teacher His lessons are challenging, His tests are difficult, His methods are unpredictable, but the education is priceless. -David Alan Campbell

Avoiding God


Avoiding God because you've made mistakes is like, avoiding a doctor because you got sick... you're running from  the exact person  you need. -David Alan Campbell

Cocky Christians


A Christian has no right to be cocky, because a real Christian knows they are nothing without Christ. -David Alan Campbell

God’s glory, not ours


Works done unto the Lord are meant to bring the Lord glory, not us. -David Alan Campbell

All Of These Terrorist Attacks


All of these terrorist attacks should inspire all Christians to carry out the Great Commission. We don't know how much time we all have left. -David Alan Campbell

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers don’t have to stop exercising to attract clients. Christians don’t have to become worldly in order to attract the world. -David Alan Campbell

Part of Satan’s Game

Part of Satan's Game

Part of satan’s game is attacking you while you serve God to make you think that life would be easier if you just served him. -David Alan Campbell