Category: David Alan Campbell

All the horrible things

All the horrible things going on in the world should inspire us to tell more people about Jesus, clearly He is needed. -David Alan Campbell

The people

The people who will persecute you for loving Christ ...are the same people you need to show Christ's love to. -David Alan Campbell

The fastest way

The fastest way to lose sight of how blessed you are, is to focus on how blessed someone else is in comparison to you. -David Alan Campbell

Avoiding God


Avoiding God because you’ve made mistakes is like, avoiding a doctor because you got sick… you’re running from the exact person you need. -David Alan Campbell



Sometimes, it's not that God is telling you to leave that church, it's that He never told you to join. - David Alan Campbell

Don’t make the dark comfortable


Christians were called to be a light to the world, but so many are trying to hide their light to make darkness more comfortable... - David Alan Campbell

Man’s laws change

Man's laws change, God's don't. #ThatIsAll - David Alan Campbell

Our job as Christians


Our job as Christians is not to purposely offend anyone, our job is to preach the truth but...if the truth...

Life transformed


It is impossible for a life transformed by Christ to act the same as a life He has not yet touched. -David Alan Campbell