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Watch – Real life healing!

This is so beautiful. Watch and listen as this preacher gets healed while preaching on healing. It's so worth watching, but if you're short on time, start at 3:57...amazing

Francis Chan on Kingdom First Living

Francis Chan on young people in the church and leading your family to Christ by LIVING out the Gospel. He talks about the difference between the "Christian version of the American dream" and actually living the adventure of a Christian life.

Watch- Kidnapped boy sings gospel song!

A young boy kidnapped from his Atlanta home sang a gospel song for nearly three hours until the suspect kicked him out of the car. The man used cash to lure 10 year old Willie Myrick close enough for him to grab and shove into his car.

Watch – Muslim postpones suicide to try Jesus

The True Triune God Yahweh of Israel never dominates anybody. Wherever you encounter domination, it's something satanic, that's not how God rules people, but satan's ambition is to dominate the whole world, not just some little part of humanity, through a kingdom of darkness to dominate the whole world.

Cancer don’t care

Published on Jun 7, 2016 Meet Paulette Leaphart Paulette is showing her 8-year-old daughter what it means to be a hero. At the end of her 1,000 mile walk, she’ll show Congress. Join Paulette on June 27th. Check out

Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate all of the great lessons your dad has taught you this Father's Day! Thank you Dave Vander Veen for this video submission! Submit your own quote, design or video here:

Watch – Kisses from Katie


Watching Katie and hearing her inspirational life story at such a young age is inspiring to all. Katie acts out the love of God and puts the call out for all Christians to follow suite. Katie David discusses her inspiring journey as she adopts 14 girls in Uganda. Her book, Kisses from Katie, was out Fall 2011, and published by Howard books, a division of Simon and Schuster. Her story is full of compassion, inspiration, and strength.